IMG_2082Iain Duff is an award-winning journalist with 20 years of experience of writing for publications in both England and Scotland. After starting his career at the Western Gazette in Somerset, he joined Glasgow’s Evening Times as a news reporter in 1995 and two years later became the paper’s chief reporter at the age of twenty-five. The same year he won the prestigious UK Press Gazette Scoop of the Year award and was nominated as Scotland’s young journalist of the year. He later moved on to the newsdesk before joining the Press Association, Britain’s leading news gathering organisation, where he was Scottish editor for six years. His first book, charting 50 years of Rangers in Europe, was published in 2006. His second, a history of Ibrox Stadium, was released in autumn 2008 and the third, focusing on the Old Firm rivalry, came out in 2010. He is currently editor of Camping magazine


One thought on “Biography

  1. Hi Iain
    Just came across this when searching for info on the Rangers Wolves 1961 ECWC Semis.

    What a great read it was.

    My Dad was at the home game, and I thought also the away game however I now doubt that so will need to ask him.
    My doubt is that I know he was at the 9-3 England game a few days before, so cant see Mum allowing that back then….LOL.

    I will now subscribe or get alerts to your great site.
    I also note some Kettering Town reference (though not read through yet) I work a lot in Burton Latimer so will be interested to read.


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