Super Cooper

I’ve never really been a fan of Real Radio’s football phone-in (or any phone-in for that matter) but its listeners have risen greatly in my estimation by voting Davie Cooper’s legendary solo goal against Celtic in 1979 as the greatest Scottish goal of all time, as the Scotsman reports. The choices that make up the rest of the top 5 are strange though, as is the absence of Archie Gemmill’s goal against Holland in 1978 and David Narey’s “toe poke” against Brazil four years later.


Number 2 in the charts!

It looks like I’ve claimed that coveted No 2 spot for my own. Just 24 hours after they got the book in stock, Temple of Dreams has bulleted up the Amazon best-sellers list . . . okay, it’s the chart for books about sporting venues, but that’s a difficult market to break I reckon. Despite tough competition I’m confident of holding off the challenge of the ever-popular Periodization Training for Sports: Science-Based Strength and Conditioning Plans for 17 Sports and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I overtake Aerofilms Guide: Football Grounds (16th Edition).  As for the overall list, I’m sure 20,365th is perfectly respectable.