Radio Rewind Relive the days “when Radio 1 was good” © every old fart for the last 30 years. Remember the Rankin’ Miss P! Guffaw at Steve Wright’s wacky ‘humour’! Cringe at Mark Goodier’s attempts to be ‘cool’! Celebrate all over again the hairy cornflake’s on air resignation! A brilliantly put together and hugely evocative tribute to Britian’s Favourite radio station and the assorted Smasheys and Niceys who have called it home over the years. You have to register to download clips, but it is well worth it for the chance to listen to Our Tune again. You can even download jingles and pretend you are Bruno Brookes. Or not… Searchable database of every UK Top 40 hit. Find out what was number one on your birthday etc.

Tom “Black Type” Hibbert Some of the assorted works of late, lamented Smash Hits writer Tom “Thomas” Hibbert, assembled by the website Rock’s Backpages. Um Bongo quaffing Lord Hibbert of Hibbertsworth was ackshewrly the “brains” behind the lunacy that was the letters page in ver Hits. An unlikely inspiration for my writing “career”.

24 Hour Party People Sorted, bangin’, nice one etc etc. A nice recap of the Madchester era, paying tribute to bands like the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Charlatans, James and, er, the Mock Turtles.

The Hacienda A history of the legendary Manc nightclub

John Peel’s Festive 50s Instantly improve your iPod playlist by seeking out and downloading everything from the dearly departed indie guru’s annual top 50s.

Stock Aitken and Waterman A cheesy tribute to the cheesiest pop trio in history. Hated by the serious music press in the 80s for the lack of sonic cathedrals and “shimmering shards of sepulchral beauty” in their three-minute dance-pop songs. Which is as good as reason as any to like them.

Hype Machine Superb website that tracks blogs with MP3 links and allows you to search for tracks and artists.

TV Cream A nostalgic trip back through the history of British television, largely aimed at 40-something saddoes like me who grew up in the 70s and 80s.

TV Ark See above. An archive of idents, programme promotions, opening title sequences, public information films, commercials, and closedowns, with downloadable clips.

This Old House The website of the American home improvement show. DIY on a serious scale – Changing Rooms it’s not. Norm Abrams is officially the greatest carpenter the world has seen for 2000 years. One criticism. Ditch the dorky presenter and bring back Steve!

Banned words An perfect storm of overused words and phrases authored by random wordsmiths that threaten to decimate the English language in this post 9/11, organic world.

Hidden Glasgow The concept of this website is to expose the secret and hidden side of Glasgow. It’s not as racy as you might think, but fascinating nonetheless. Through photographs, maps and images it reveals parts of the city that would otherwise not get a second glance.

Forgotten New York A bit like the Hidden Glasgow website, but about New York, not Glasgow. Obviously. Fascinating if you are a fan of the Big Apple.

American Mafia A poorly designed but still hugely entertaining website dedicated to mobsters past and present. Bada bing!

Mr Beller’s Neighborhood Stories and other writing about New York, organised around the city’s neighbourhoods.

Online Newspapers Database with links to thousands of newspapers round the world.


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